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Browsing category: Useful Information

What is ClearShield Shower Glass Protection?

ClearShield ECO-GLASS™ is supplied as standard on all Aqata enclosures, doors and screens. This unique product is applied to the inside of the glass and works just like ‘non-stick’ cookware, acting as a protective barrier on the surface of the glass.
  • Resists staining from hard water deposits
  • Saves time and effort and is easier to clean
  • Keeps your shower looking like new for longer
  • Eco friendly for a more hygienic... Read more
    2 years ago

All Hung Up!

If the idea of a wall hung toilet makes you nervous, read on.... Wall hung toilets are becoming much more popular and for a very good reason. They look fantastic and make cleaning the bathroom floor much easier, no floor pans to clean around and no pipework to see. The pan is hung on a metal frame hidden within a stud wall or as part of a false feature built in front... Read more
2 years ago

Under Pressure?

Not everyone knows that some taps and showers will only function correctly if there is sufficient water pressure and - along with your cold supply pressure - how you heat your water supply could have an influence on the products you can use. The modern combi boiler will normally deliver water at sufficient pressure for most single head showers and some are capable of delivering enough hot water to a dual... Read more
2 years ago

Where do I start?

Planning your replacement bathroom might seem like a daunting prospect. So many brands, so many styles to choose from. Regardless  of whether you're looking to recreate this cool contemporary look from Duravit or just looking for something simple and functional, we think the key is to try and answer a few basic questions about what you are looking to achieve. We would suggest a good place to start your planning is to decide whether... Read more
3 years ago