Digital Showers

Digital showers have been around for a while. Aqualisa Quartz and Mira Platinum are well proven products but in recent times there has been a big increase in the products available and the word ‘smart’ has even entered into the description of the latest products.

Essentially, a digital shower is one where the traditional mixer valve has been replaced by a digital processing unit. In many products the processing unit is remote from the shower itself which can making installing the shower much easier than a traditional concealed shower valve. The starting price for digital showers is now lower, particularly with the introduction of the Instinct digital product range which utilizes the original tried and tested Aqualisa Quartz digital valve in a great value package.

As with so many things in our daily lives, smart innovations have extended into digital showering – giving you options such as pre-warming and even the ability to control your shower from your smartphone! If you are looking for the latest in showering technology, our showrooms can give you any help or advice you need.




2 years ago