Under Pressure?

Not everyone knows that some taps and showers will only function correctly if there is sufficient water pressure and – along with your cold supply pressure – how you heat your water supply could have an influence on the products you can use.

The modern combi boiler will normally deliver water at sufficient pressure for most single head showers and some are capable of delivering enough hot water to a dual head shower – but some showers and taps on the market will struggle to give a meaningful flow from traditional gravity systems without adding a pump.

Letting your showroom adviser know which type of hot water system you have (combi/pressurised/gravity) and how your cold water is supplied will help them guide you towards products that will work in your home and avoid a disappointing flow.

You will be pleased to know that there is now a large range of products available for lower pressure situations and many manufacturers now clearly publish minimum pressure data, but it is important to check suitability before placing your order.

3 years ago